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    Missing channels on video layers


      So I search trough the forum and didn't find anything similar; redirect me to a similar thread if there's one.


      I rendered a PSD sequence from Cinema 4D to do some manual texturing, I added some object buffers to make it less painfull as it's going to be frame by frame.


      When I open 1 single frame I can see my object buffers in the channels, when I open my sequence I just get R, G, B, RGB.


      Any thoughts on this one?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It works as it ever has/ is designed. Those channels wouldn't even show up in After Effects, much less in PS. You need to use them as separate image sequences. If re-renmdering is too time-consuming, create a batch action to extract them.



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            usiel.b Level 1

            Mylenium thanks for the reply, but they do show, at least when I import a single frame, as soon as I put a sequence they're gone, it even woks if I import 1 .psd at the time, scale the time down to 1 frame and put them in the same video layer (which is annoying and time consuming).


            Here's a snap.

            Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 19.42.16.png


            I'll take a look into the batch action, thanks.