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    Stage Size Export


      I am a little new to adobe edge animate, however I must say I love the program. The issue I need help with is when I create a project and add it to my website such as the project here www.websitecandi.com "at the bottom of the page.... way at the botom I have this big gap between the next element. I could be wrong but I feel like the the empty part of the stage came along with the project. My project is 742 X 428 and the gap under the project looks like the empty space on the stage from adobe edge animate. In my code in DW has nothing under the "adobe edge  animate". As you can see I even tried to center the code however you can see on the site it is still pushed to the left. If any one can help I will be so greatful. Thank you.

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          New here myself but i do a fair amount of coding, First off i hate Dreamweaver, its a bloated monster that i didn't even like in Macromedia's hands, so i can't speak for all the oddity's it has, but understand i refuse to use it. I use Brackets personally but they are all just tools, use what you like. I would assume its one of two things, A) you don't have overflow set to hidden on the stage or B) its the website your running it in, I.E some html element or css causing it, they would be my guesses..