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    vtxr1300 Level 1
      I was doing some googling trying to find out if there was an imagebutton component and I came across a couple of articles that said they released an imagebutton in the extras folder in v1.5. I cannot find any extras folder for flex (2.0.1) so I was wondering if it's still there or if it got dropped in the latest version? Thanks.
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          atta707 Level 2
          What's an imagebutton? a button that can display an image on it? Button class can do it thru icon property. Or is it an image that can be clicked? Image class can do that as well thru buttonMode property.

          so what are you trying to accomplish?

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            vtxr1300 Level 1
            I have an image that is round that I want to use as a button so it wouldn't work in the button icon. I wasn't sure if the image control could be used as a button or not. Thanks for the info.
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              Garyl Woolworth Level 1
              You can use an image as a button. The image control is able to accept a click="runMethod()" and if you want it to change the cursor on mouseOver add the following properties.

              <mx:Image x="10" y="10" src="pathToImage.jpg" click="mx.controls.Alert.show('Clicked')" buttonMode="true" mouseChildren="false" useHandCursor="true"/>