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    CC InDesign PDF Export Presets

    GreyCatDot Level 1

      Hi folks.

      So before I went to CC, if I wanted to export to PDF, I would File>Export and choose PDF then get a dialog box.
      I made a few presets and they worked just fine. I would choose File>Adobe PDF Presets> choose one and I would still get the dialog box in case I needed to change anything. Then hit ok.


      Now that I went to CC, when I choose one of my presets, I get a weird little dialog box at the top of my app window that says "save preset, cancel or export". Er, what? And it has no items in it in case I need to change something. If I go to define a new preset, I get all the options but what's with this new dialog box that ninjas in. I missed it the first few times and wondered why my file hadn't exported.


      How do I turn this off and get back to my dialog box? Also, is there a key command (or do I need to make one? can I even make one?) that just exports as if you hit ok?

      Please help.