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    How do I check if a module has been loaded?

      I have a chart that drills down to a different module. The module has a breadcrumb to get the user back to the initial chart. When the user drills down again I would to call an initialization function in the module to repopulate it with new data. What I think I need to do is:

      1. On my chart, when a bar is clicked a function is called.
      2. i want to check to see if my module has been loaded already
      A) If the module has not been loaded, just load it (on creationComplete the modules initialzation function is called)
      B) If the module has already been loaded I should be able to call the initialzation function before bringing the module into view.

      However when I am trying to check to see if my module exists I keep getting an error saying "TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference." which I assume is because my module is null at that point. Anybody know the syntax to check and see if a module has already been loaded?