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    New Paragraph from existing Paragraph's Override

    Matthew Wimer



      I'm looking for something similar to Power Styles (http://www.dtptools.com/product.asp?id=psid), but not quite so generic. Essentially, I'd like to have a script which creates new paragraph styles from the overrides to a paragraph style.


      For the extracts placed into our books, we use a specific style (Extract) for them. However, since our extracts are rarely the same, we use overrides to tweak the look in order to appear in the printed version correctly. Unfortunately, since we do it this way, exporting to ePub removes the overrides, causing the look to become generic and loose it's appropraite appearance. Power Styles will fix it, but it tags every override in every paragraph style, causing our ePub's CSS to be bloated. What I'm hoping for is a script we can run which will target the paragraph styles Extract and create new ones based on the overrides and apply the new paragraph style.


      Has anybody heard of a plugin or a script which will perform this?


      Thank you!