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    CFC Array Collection

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      This is my first flex application and let me just say I am so extremely confused! What I am trying to do here is I have three fields in my database.... Min Home Price, Max Home Price and Incentive. Basically I have an input box where a user will enter a homes price. Based on that price will determine the incentive they recieve. What I am trying to do is return the information from the CFC into a label based on the correct price.

      For Example if a user types in the text box 102,000.00 that would fall between the 100,000.00 and 150,000.00 (all of the incentives will have a range that will determine what goes in the label) range so the incentive returned from the cfc would be 500 dollars which would go in the label field. Can anyone help me with this. I come from a coldfusion 5 background so this is my first CFC and my first flex app.
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          Hi. I am pretty new to all this FLEX, too and understand your frustration. I think it comes from having worked procedurally for so long and now we are doing this event driven work. Big change for me, but it starts to make sense as you move along.

          Are you having trouble talking to the CFC? Or in dealing with the result? Do you have a text box they enter the number in, then they hit a button and and it hits the CFC via a RemoteObject call, which does a SQL 'between' and returns the result? Do you know that you are getting the result back?

          If you do, you then need a result handler, which handles doing "something" with the result. In my case, I put it into an array, then make an arrayCollection, then make it into XML (I need children) and finally show it in a grid.
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            I am having trouble dealing with the result. I don't even know if I have formatted my CFC correctly.
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              What I am trying to do is create the CFC and return the results from the threecolumns in an arrayCollection