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    Greetings, Asking for Opinions


      I have been out of web development for many years.... because as much as i love flash... it needed to go.


      I have been playing around with edge animate now and love it.


      Here is what i have going on so far for a personnal website, its not done by a long long as i plan to program a game inside the dead area ( on a mouse input machine, moblie is diff )


      Anyways i wrote a simple javascript "engine" to encapsulate adobe edge programs ( download and use it u want i dont care heh ) all it does at the moment is chose which version to display, currently off if touch input is availible.


      Long story short i just want to know what u all think ( hobbyists and pros alike ), i've never posted here or anywhere for web dev so don't roast me for seeking input....


      Future plans for the lil engine i made on saturday include browser screening to do an adobe free backstage ( fallback, old computers hate adobe edge, androids tend to stall with edge ), audio support ( in-part waiting on adobe to see what they do ) and image galleries for stuff ive done.


      Image gallery will probly be php tied into edge.


      Thanks in advance Matt, Be kind...




      www.dd-c.us for lazy ppl

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Cool, thanks for sharing!


          One thing -- your site mentioned Animate doesn't support mobile devices. This isn't the case. We actually have mobile-specific features such as swipe events and touch events and content created is intended to run on mobile browsers that support modern web standards.



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            DDcreams Level 1

            Oh i completely know that, but understand when i had to call adobe because of the android issue, (which is repeatable, i dont call anyone unless i can't sort the issue myself), they told me they dont offically support moblie, so features are great but offical support is critical.


            There was confusion with a support ticket, i stand corrected "Mobile is Offically Supported"