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    Indesign PDF convertable to .jnt file?


      I have a client who wants me to convert all my Indesign PDF files to .jnt files so they can be viewed in Microsoft Journal on a tablet. I am not sure if this is possible (I don't think it is). I converted the Indesign PDF to a .JPG and .PNG file so they can maybe insert it in as picture in Microsoft Journal and then save it as a .jnt file. I don't have a tablet and I don't have Microsoft Journal. I do have Acrobat X and am wondering if maybe I can save it as an .xml 1.0 maybe?


      Why would anyone want to do this anyway? These PDF files were originally created to go to a print shop to be printed and are not intended to be viewed on a tablet. Is my client essentially asking me to recreate the file on a tablet (in Microsoft journal) just so I can save it as a .jnt file? It is a complex form with check boxes, graphics, etc.