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    PDF Capabilities?


      I am wondering if adobe forms is the right solution for me. I need a form that can work on my web site with a submit button. When the user clicks submit, the data/form is sent to me directly from my site. Also the user can browse their computer for an additional pdf that I need with the form. Is this possible? Also, is adobe able to do a simple calculation in the form and give a result similiar to excel?

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          This forum is specifically for Adobe FormsCentral which provides an online forms creation and data collection service. 


          You can certainly create a form in FormsCentral and embed that form on your website.  When a user fills out and clicks "Submit" the data is submitted to FormsCentral and you can configure the options of the form so that you get an Email Notification with the response data (in a text list format).  That "web" form would be able to take attachments that would be available in the Response table for the form in FormsCentral but would not be included in the Email Notification.


          As for calculations, they cannot be made in the form itself.  The Response table has calculations available that may be useful for you the author, but nothing in the form that is shown to the user filling it out.


          You asked about PDF, you would not want to embed or post a PDF on your website for users to fill out in the web browser.  You can save/distribute a FormsCentral form as a PDF but it should be posted for download to be filled out using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, and not to be filled and submitted from a web browser.  The PDF also does not support attachments (users could not browse for a PDF file on their computer to submit).





          PS - Here is an overview of FormsCentral:


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