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    Help with PDF form download


      Could anyone help please.  I have completed a form and saved it, then I went back into it and made a couple of changes and now I cannot download it as a PDF file.  Here is the error message I keep getting


      Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 23.06.53.png

      There is nothing else open on my mac, so I don't understand it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Can you try to save under a different file name?

          Did you try to close the browser, reopen it and try again?



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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            The general things to try are:

            1) Make sure that youdo not have the file open, close any applications that might have had the file open

            2) Make sure you are saving to a location you can "write" to, such as your Desktop (not a read only location)

            3) Try giving the file a new name when saving (you probably need to add ".pdf" or you might end up with a file with no extension and you'd get another error message)

            4) Try restarting the web browser

            5) Try another web browser

            6) If all else fails restart your computer and try again


            Let me know if those do not get you going again.





            PS - I see Genevieve has just responded as well, I am leaving my response up since I mention trying another browser since that just resolved the same issue for another user...


            PSS - We now have the following FAQ for this issue:


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              Vonnie67 Level 1

              Thank you Gen and Josh,


              I followed your processes and it now works, so thank you.