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    Scans show up as black, blank pages when filed

    Backpacker48 Level 1

      I use Adobe Reader XI v11.0.04


      I have an HP Photosmart D110 series printer which I use with my MacBook Pro.  When I scan a document using the "HP Scan" app on my computer, the doc shows up as scanned on my computer screen.  When I go to save it, I get the following error message:  "An error has occurred saving the file because it could not be written to.  Check the properties for the file to make sure it is not read-only." 


      I have rescanned the doc several times but get same message. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it from a cd - same message.  I've tried to save it to various files with same message.  I even set up a new file to make sure that it was not a read-only file - same message.


      Also, when I try to scan it using the screen on the printer, the screen shows "scanning" but it's really not since I don't see any light nor hear any noise.


      Anybody got any ideas???