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    How to display DVD timecode to the frame level?

      I know you can advance frame by frame with (assumes DVD object is called "mydvd")


      but.......how do see what frame you see the frames in the DVD controller object?

      The DVD object only shows to the nearest sec it seems. Can I change this or make a text field that will do it?

      When doing trace (member("mydvd").currentTime), the command only shows to the nearest sec. (even though it has the "00" and the end for frames.....example 115 sec. = 11500

      I tried this for a custom text field:

      member("mytextfield").text = "" & member("mydvd").currentTime

      but this does not work ....it gives an error I was kind of expecting to see at least the results of a trace command

      It is strange that you can control a DVD frame by frame by not view the frame you are actually on...there has to be a way right?

      any help would be great!!!

        • 1. How to display DVD timecode to the frame level?
          kyleg Level 1
          Anybody have any ideas on this?

          I was thinking that if I could get below to work:

          member("mytextfield").text = "" & member("mydvd").currentTime

          then I could create a button that would step a frame and would make the text result, (text result + 1) to show a somewhat more accurate timecode as I click.

          However this could be off as much as 29 frames if the playhead was at 04 sec 29 frames and it reported back 04 sec. as I believe it does (at least for reporting back timecode)

          any ideas on you to read the DVD timecode and place into a text field....wish I could just add frames feature to the DVD control component.