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    InDesign CS4 crashes on launch


      I recently migrated my files to a new MacBook Pro. I have not been able to launch InDesign since doing so. The other CS products, while sometimes glitchy, seem to be working. The launch generates a splash page, then crashes and generates a crash report. (I think I can post that at a related site?)


      I'm running OS X, version 10.9 (Mavericks), although I just upgraded and the problem existed on the previous system as well, with CS4, version 6.


      I've tried most of the fixes already suggested, except deleting the recovery files, as I don't know where to find those. When I try to move the SING files to the desktop, I can't. My SING path goes: Library/Application Support/Adobe/SING/Mark II/AstroCache (which is an empty folder).


      I've tried to uninstall InDesign only, but when I launch the uninstaller, I get a message that says "required support files are missing."