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    Indesign glossary with descriptions


      Dear Indesign Pro's.


      I have been using Indesign to make my graduation research report.

      There are many words which could use a additional description in the form of a Glossary at the end of the report.


      How can I create suchs a page. I have a index so far (but than it shows the page numbers, not the description).

      I work with Indesign CS6, version 8 on a Windows 7 laptop with 2ghz, 8GB mem and 60GB free space.


      Hope you can show me how to resolve this..

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Since you need to type or at least copy&paste the description from somewhere, the whole glossary will be normal flow text. So you might transform the generated index into a glossary or copy the keywords and create the glossary manually.


          It all depends on what you have in mind how it shall look like. A normal glossary, like I did it once, is very simple. Keyword  as bold headline, normal text as description.

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            daand01 Level 1

            Sounds good..


            By now I've realised that this might be quite challenging..


            My preferred option is:


            Word 1..       Description          Page 2,54,324

            Word 2..       Description          Page 4,32,47



            But I also would be happier with


            Word 1..       Description

            Word 2..       Description


            I just would like the words the be displayed according the character style (which i have a script for that puts them in a index according to the style). It just doesnt give me a option to put in a desctription.

            It shows this:

            Word 1..            Page 2,54,324



            I would like it to be one of the above options, but i don't know how to do it..