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    DW Creative Cloud Microscopic Menu


      I have been using DW CS5 for a few years on a 17" HP laptop with Windows 7.

      I got a new computer over the weekend.  It's also a 17" HP and is running Windows 8.

      The new computer has Creative Cloud version of DW.


      The menu is microscropic.  All of them are.  The start up menu.  The right side docked bars.  The top menu.  The 'o' in Common is only 2mm high.  Also, my actual document that I am working on is super tiny even though it says 100% (it looks to me like it's really only about 70%).


      I am having the same issue in Fireworks.  Acrobat is fine.  Those are the only programs I have used so far.


      I believe that my settings for resolution for the computer are correct. 


      This problem is so bad that I have to wear my glasses even though I never have worn them when I use my laptop.


      Any ideas would be most appreciated!!