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    Video not showing after adding more assets to stage.


      Hello Everyone,


      Why does Edge Animate not display the embeded video when I add more than 2 assets to the stage?


      In the graphic below, I am building an animation with a total of 6 assets on the stage.

      #1 - Curtain (.png)

      #2 - Table (.png)

      #3 - Picture frame_1 (.png)

      #4 - Picture frame_2 (.png with a empty/transparent center)

      #5 - Picture frame_3 (.png)

      #6 - Rectangle




      I introduce #1 to the stage, draw a rectangle (#6) and I embed a video by using .js from edgehero.com. I test the animation and the video works fine.

      As soon as I add any other asset to the stage (#2, 3, 4 or 5) and test the animation, I can hear the movie playing but it is no longer visible.


      I have tried arranging the other assets behind #6. I have placed the additional assets away from asset #6 so that they dont overlap, however, the video problem appears as soon as I add a 3rd asset to the stage.


      Does anyone know what is causing this issue?


      Thank you in advance and kind regards.