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    Elements 12 opens but not with photo?


      When I double-click on a photo file (e.g. jpg) Elements 12 opens but the photo isn't in the Editor window. Double-clicking on the photo again opens the photo in the Editor window.


      On all the other versions of Elements I have used, one double-click on a file opened Elements and the photo appeared in the Editor window.


      Is Elements 12 different or is there something I need to change to make this work as it always did?


      Thanks for your helpl and time.



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Jerry, you need to set Windows default prefs.


          Right click on a jpeg and choose Open with

          Click Choose default program

          Click Browse button

          Click OS C:

          Double click: Program Files (x86)

          Double click: Adobe

          Double click: Photoshop Elements 12

          Highlight: PhotoshopElementsEditor

          Click Open

          Click OK


          N.B on 32 bit systems navigate to Program Files

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            theplanckster Level 1

            Thank you 99jon for the information but, unfortunately, it still doesn't work.


            I had Elements 11 and 12 installed on my Windows 7 64-bit computer. I uninstalled Elements 11 and rebooted. Using Open With, I associated PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe with a .jpg photo. "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" was checked. Elements 12 opened with no photo visible.


            I even went into Control Panel, selected Programs, then Make a File Type Always Open In a Specific Program. I associated .jpg with PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe. When I double-click on a .jpg file, Elements 12 opens (in Expert mode--which I normally use) but with no photo. When I double-click the file name again the photo now appears in Elements 12 but in the Quick mode.


            Am I going to have to tweak something in the registry to get this to operate properly?


            Sorry for the hassle!



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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you re-check. You should be seeing Photoshop Elements 12 Editor. See this similar thread from Brian:



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                theplanckster Level 1



                Thanks for the quick reply.


                I've tried a dozen times both the procedures shown in the link you sent and the info you gave in your first response. Nothing changes. Elements 12 still opens but with no photo visible.


                That's why I wondered if something got munged in the registry because, in the beginning, I had both Elements 11 and 12 installed.


                Sorry to be such a pain-in-the-butt.



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                  I have a similar problem. With versions of Photoshop Elements prior to version 12, I was able to add an 'Open With' option in Windows so I could right-click on an image file, left-click on 'Open With', select the editor and the PSE Editor would launch with the image opened. I went straight to the editor if the image was jpg or straight to ACR if the image was DNG.


                  With version 12, I cannot add the Editor executable to 'Open With', and if I add the generic executable, the editor opens when I use 'Open With', but my image is not opened. I have to go to File, then either Open (or open as RAW), navigate to the image, and finally open it. This defeats the purpose of using 'Open With'.


                  I really have little need for the PSE Organizer, I want to open images directly from Windows Explorer in the editor of my choice, do my work and get out.  PSE 12 has features I want, but I may have to go back to PSE 11 unless somebody can provide a definative way to fix this - and I am pretty sure it will require a patch from Adobe.

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                    MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I don't think your problem has anything to do with the others in that discussion.

                    Your problem is the replacement of the 'Open with' option by the 'Open in ACR' one.

                    Adobe has its own reasons for that replacement:

                    - Increasing demand for raw development and similar workflow for raw and jpeg (the old way to open jpegs was a mystery for most users)

                    - Mac and Windows interface more similar?

                    - Getting rid of older and legacy formats...


                    The result is not ideal for all users, there has been a few complaints like yours.


                    Personnally, I am very satisfied with that change :



                    Of course, I do NEED the organizer .

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                      I had the same problem as the OP. Double click on a file eg a cr2 or a jpg and Photoshop Elements opens but with no picture shown.

                      I managed to fix it by right clicking on the file and then

                      Select 'Open With'

                      Ignore the fact that it may show Photoshop Elements at the top of your list

                      Choose 'Another App'

                      In the section entitled 'Other Options' choose Photoshop Elements.

                      I spent an hour fiddling with this after upgrading to Elements 15