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    HELP!  Color messed up with bits/channel.  Desperate!!!


      I accidentally had my files marked at 16 bits/channel, went ahead and saved them as jpegs.  Got a software prompt prior to saving that said "File must be saved as a copy with this selection."  I did not know what it meant.  I went ahead with the save.  Now I am realizing my mistake because I have tried printing my images at a lab and the colors are WAY off.  Very gray and horrible.  I have my master files saved as psd files as well (thankfully) and have opened those, changed the bits/channel to 8, tried to print and the colors are still awful.  Would someone please help me?  I'm in tears over here with the stress of not being able to figure this out.  I have many files that were saved this way.  There has to be some kind of a fix without me having to re-edit dozens and dozens of photos.
      Thank you so much all of you Photoshop Gurus!