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    InDesign crashes at "starting up panels..."


      Hi there.

      I'm running CS6 on a Dell Optiplex 9010-

      Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1


      Processor Intel 15-3570 @340 Ghz, 8.00 GB of RAM

      64-bit OS

      At indicated I have the common crash on panel strat up.

      this seems to be intermittent- no trouble yesterday, then a series of crashes.


      Updated everything about an hour ago,  crashes stopped, worked well, finished somethng and closed it.


      now it is crashing again, same message...

      I've tried resetting preferences with the ctrl-alt-shift-open command- no difference...and then...


      of course it now just opened, before I posted this email!


      if anyone had any insights into this intermittent issue, it is bound to occur again.





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          theob Level 1

          Replying to my own unanswered question- tragic really, I wonder if anyone will read it?


          Anyway. I've identified that the problem (it came straight back again) relates to the "Support for JavaScript.rpln" file in the "Adobe InDesign CS6/Required" folder.


          If I rename the file to 'Support for JavaScript.rpln.old' and rerun InDesign it obviously fails.

          I then rename the file back to .rpln and inDesign opens fine- just the once.

          next time round it woin't open and comes up with the same error.


          can anyone shed light on this for me?