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    How do I turn off password resets


      I'm a little frustrated - there are periods of time when i'm not logging into my formcentral account, and, when I go to log in with the correct credentials, Adobe is doing me the "service" of resetting my password for me. Which is great, except, it's forcing me to come up with a unique password. I have too many passwords already & would really rather keep the password I chose initially for this application, which was six or so passwords ago



      Is there a way to disable this "helpful", but completely unwanted feature?



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          HomeJames Level 2

          Maybe Adobe were trying to help you. (I don't and never have worked for them - I'm on much lower pay).

          Are you aware they had passwords hacked and changed everyone's in an attempt to protect account holders?

          This was widely reported and they have emailed many account holders advising that passwords are changed.

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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            As "Trampsteamer" notes the recent change was necessary due to a security breach and was the only time in the past few years we've forced users to change their AdobeID password.


            This isn't something we do often and this was the only time I can recall.


            There is no way to control this on your end.