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    Help, please! to stop animation of one symbol from anover or stage

    Strashevsky Ostap

      I'm not a great specialist in jquery, but I've had to deal with it. And have some expirience... But i can't do an elementary thing in edge animate, i guess. So, help me please!))


      I need to stop some child symbols from the timeline of parent symbol(or Stage). On the timeline of stage, i have trigger. At this moment all the child clips have to stop as one...

      I try to insert into trigger this code:

      (child clips names: 'stan', 'bizan', 'bak')


      var stantostop = sym.$("stan");

      var bizantostop = sym.$("bizan");


      var baktostop = sym.$("bak");




      and I'm sure, I'm doing something wrong(!!!), cause nothing changes.


      If you cant help, please advice me some source with a lot of examples of typical operations and commands like this! So thank you for reading!