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    Targeting Webhelp within a frame set

    robert-sfl Level 1
      Our Webhelp runs within a frame set. The lower frame displays a copyright note and the upper frame (named, say, abc) displays the actual webhelp - no problem so far.

      The problems arise when I try to reference the webhelp in toc entries. When I include target="_top" then all is fine, except of course that the lower frame dissappears and the webhelp is displayd on top level which I dont want. But when I include target ="abc" (or whatever the frame name is) then the target attribute is simply ignored by the webhelp script. BUT, if I include target ="def" - an undefined frame name - then a new browser window is opened correctly. The target attribute is only ignored when is addresses an EXISTING frame name.

      Any ideas on this or is it simply though luck?