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    >Vee< Level 1
      I cant figure out why this wont work anymore. I am using the following code to give life to my button MCs. When I RollOut its supposed to check what frame its at, then playanother frame within the buttons custom ("rollout") state. I take out my conditional and just put this.gotoAndPlay("rollout"); it works.... but that doesnt solve my proble; only makes me more confused.
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          if the playhead isn't at one of those specific frames, then nothing will happen. maybe you need a more relaxed if statement.
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            >Vee< Level 1
            When I've use this before it has worked.. I cant figure out whats diffferent.
            What I basically want to happen
            the _over state: has a motion tween
            the rollout state: has the same motion tween but in reverse
            When the user rolls over the but then out the apropriate roll out part of the tween is played - does that make sense?
            How else would one do this?