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    LiveCycle Forms: Propagating content from a paired field


      My question is really twofold:

      Can I pair heterogeneous field types (eg text and dropdown)?

      Can I propagate to other fields a value entered in a field that is tied in a pairing?

      BTW: I have no experience of scripts.

      I have a complex form over several pages and I need to be able to display a particular field value from page 1 onto each of the subsequent pages of the form.

      So far so good but the value to be propagated is specified in one of a pairing of mutually exclusive fields on page 1.

      Is such propagation possible in these circumstances and if so how?

      To complicate matters, the components of the field pairing are heterogeneous: one is a straight text field, the other a dropdown picking list.

      The user must either manually enter a value in the text field or select a value from the dropdown list.

      Ideally, I would like to propagate the value specified in whichever of the two fields into header fields on subsequent pages of the form.

      Thank you for any help.