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    Best Practice for New Doc Version?

      I'm a RH novice who needs to create a V1.1 doc based on the V1.0 source topics, TOC, and images. I'm using RH HTML X5. What is my best practice? The previous author left a unclear doc suggesting something like the following:

      1. Copy the current V1.xpj, V1.hhc, and V1.hhp files and rename them as V1.1.xpj, V1.1.hhc, and V1.1hhp
      2. Place the renamed files in the V1 root directory and open the V1.1.xpj file.
      3. Create and edit new content

      Not understanding RH too well, this seemed reasonable. It appears what he is suggesting will bring everything forward in a new project, but leave the V1 structure intact. I tried this, and it seemed to be working but I was confused by RH also making changes to the OLD V1.cpd and V1.pss (I don't know that those files are).

      So, apparently the copied files contain references to at least the old cpd and pss files (and maybe others). I'm concerned that continuing down this path will corrupt V1 and leave me mis-matched conventions. Some files being V1, and some being V1.1.

      Is there a how-to somewhere that can help me create a new version and not muddy up the old? Do any X5 gurus remember how they did this?

      Thanks in advance,