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    Indesign Save and Save As Greyed out!!!!!

    design-freek Level 1

      Why oh why is this still happening - come on Adobe sort this out.


      Lost time and Revenue due to InDesign suddenly greying out Save and Save As, which means the only way you can save the document is by exporting as an IDML which then causes more problems with broken links etc. Surely Adobe know about this issue, being as though I have read many forums about this.


      The whole Creative Cloud concept is great, but seriously flawed, had issues where I've had notifications of the same updates I have already installed for two weeks after installing them, applications hanging on startup, Creative Cloud app not updating due to errors which quits creative cloud and then you have to start it again in order to start the update process, which invariably does not work, then have to download the latest version from the website.


      Too many issues keep cropping up with this suite of software, even though the individual software packages are great when they work!!


      This needs investigating and sorting out sharpish!!