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    mbp 13 or mbp 15 for simple after effects use - does more cores give more power when MP = OFF

    AgrisCaurs Level 1

      Hi all, i already got a powerful desktop machine, but i'm looking to buy a laptop for smaller works, when i'm away. So i could easily use illustrator, photoshop, and do simple animation work in AE.


      I'm trying to find benchmarks where I can compare the performance of Dual Dore i5 (cpu in rMBP13) and Quad i7 (rMBP15) especially in AE ram previewing.


      I just want to see HOW MUCH faster the quad core i7 performs in AE without enabled MP.


      On laptop i could live without multiprocessing (the most important for me is ram previews - where MP is off) and i'm also not interested in Raytracing (so i believe the IRIS GPU would be enough).