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    Issues with sync after importing into After Effects


      My problem is the following:


      Before I import the files into AE they are as they should. Everything is fine and synchronized both in VLC and Windows Media Player. But after I import the files into AE they seem to be out of sync. First I thought they were actually out of sync but later I realized, that it seems like AE has slowed down my video (made it longer) and the audio stayed as it should. So in RAM preview as well as after rendering I can't use the files as they are. And I can't just try to get them in sync manually because with so many files I use it would not be worth it at all!


      Some other information you might nedd are that I'm using NVidia Shadow Play to record these clips and that it weirdly shows 62 FPS in the windows properties but only 60 in AE! (Might be important I guess!)


      Now I would like to know if theres any fix for this issue as I don't really want to go back to using FRAPS!