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    How do I get to the Submit button on my form?


      I have finished my first form but can not find how to get to the submit button on the form to add where I want the form to go - how do I get an email address attached to the form?

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator



          To add an email field, go to Design tab and select Insert menu / Fields / Email field or you can use the inline insert field palette. To add an email address to your form you can use a Formatted Text field and add the email address as a hyperlink, click on the caption text area of the field, then select Insert menu / Link, enter mailto:yourname@youraddress.com in "URL/Email" add some text in "Link Text" and commit .  You can add hyperlink to the caption text of any fields.


          The Submit button is automatically added to the form when you distribute it.  To see this button, open the form in FormsCentral, select "Test" tab and click on the "Test Web Form" button. You can preview your complete form here (you can also try out subimit here as well).




          Hope this helps,



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            coolmom1978 Level 1

            Thank you - what I am wanting is for the submit button to submit the form

            to my email - where does it go now - to Adobe? I want this form that will

            be on my website for patients to complete to be sent using the submit

            button to our office email.



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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              If you have a paid account you can receive email notifications when someone does a submission. You can include the form data in the notification. You can then generate the filled out PDF form from the Response View table in FormsCentral.


              If you want to receive the filled out PDF directly via email then this is not something that FormsCentral supports. What you can do is create a PDF form in FormsCentral and then use Adobe Acrobat to add a Email Submit button to the PDF.



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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                Hi Amy;


                A FormsCentral form can be either a web form users fill out in a web browser, or a PDF form (can also be distributed both ways).


                For a Web form the data is always collected by the Adobe FormsCentral servers and is available to view/analyze in your account on the View Responses tab of the form.  There are also options to set up Email Reciepts (to the form filler) and Email Notifications (to you and other users you specify) that can contain the form data.


                For a PDF form you have the option of the Submit button that submits the data to FormsCentral the same as the Web form, and the same Notifications and Reciept options apply here too.  Alternatively you create a PDF in FormsCentral to use however you'd like and can edit in Acrobat and add your own Submit button that emails the PDF or form data back to you directly.  There are a number of tutorials online for adding email "Submit" buttons to PDF and if you are going to edit a FormsCentral PDF you would want to look at this FAQ as well: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-3661



                I hope that helps, let me know if you still have questions.




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                  I have made a form in Acrobat Pro XI and uploaded it to my paid FormsCentral account. The form is two pages and there is a submit button at the bottom right of page 2. I am hoping to add a second "Submit" button at the top of Page 2 just above the comments section so users do not have to scroll down an entire blank page to submit their document. Since I created this form offline I don't seem to have the edit features online.


                  My question is this: Is there a way to create a second "Submit" button that works just like the first. I want the button to feed the FormsCentral database. I can create a "Submit" button offline but I am not sure what to type for the URL link or what to select to be able to have my form feed the online database and not just email me a copy of the submitted form.

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                    Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                    You can edit the PDF in Acrobat and copy and paste the Submit button that is created by FormsCentral and it will have the same Submit method/properties.


                    This post describes how to edit a FormsCentral PDF in Acrobat:





                    PS - to clarify what you did, when you say you created a form in Acrobat, do you mean in the desktop application of FormsCentral that is included with Acrobat or did you actually use Acrobats form editing tools to create the form?  Also when you say you "uploaded it to FormsCentral" do you mean that you uploaded a PDF, or that you "moved your form online" through the Desktop application?

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                      sdavis405 Level 1

                      Thanks for your reply, @Josh_Corey


                      To clarify, I started by making a rough version of my form using Microsoft Word. I took that document and in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro I chose File > Create > Create Form > From Existing Document. Within Acrobat XI (not the FormsCentral desktop app) I edited all my input fields. When I was done I uploaded the pdf to FormsCentral online. The only field that FormsCentral created for me was the submit button.I would have created my submit button using Acrobat XI but I did not know what to enter where it asks me to "Enter a URL for this link" when I try to edit the actions of the submit button.


                      I will look into the the FAQ post you mentioned to Amy and I will let you know if I figure it out or not. Basically what I have is a two page form and I would like two identical submit buttons on the second page, one at the top of it and one at the bottom.

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                        sdavis405 Level 1

                        Success! I used the directions from How do I edit a FormsCentral PDF form in Adobe Acrobat? and I was able to edit my form using Acrobat XI. My form still feeds my FormsCentral database . It took a little practice and a little patience but I now have a form with two submit buttons. My next step would be to write a JavaScript to have the form reset on MouseUp of the Submit button.


                        Thank you for your help.

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                          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                          That is great, glad to know it is working how you want it.