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    Premiere Elements 9 Lose Motion Effects after Share

    Skyler Freeman

      Hi all,


      I seem to be having a serious issue after sharing/exporting my video:


      I have recently finished a 20-minute informational video for work that involves lots of screen capture of my desktop. The screen capture was done with VLC media player. Once I imported the screen capture (.mp4) videos in adobe premiere, I used the motion effect to only display the part of the screen that I want to by changing the scale and position fields for the entire duration of these screen capture videos. Watching the video in premiere after rendering shows everything is fine. But once I export the video, all these motion effects are clearly not present: the screen capture parts of my video are not scaled at all and instead show the entire desktop.


      What is the issue here?


      Have I misunderstood what the motion effect is meant to be used for? I am really looking for something to trim/zoom into parts of a video and it sounded like the motion effect was the solution, but I am not entirely sure.


      Thank you very much to anyone who assists!