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    Mocha AE CS6 - Splines not showing so tracking is unavailable

    Palmer0291 Level 1

      It always seems to be me that has issues with every project he works on. Typical. So, as expected, I'm having issues with my latest project, and the client needs the completed film back fairly soon, so I'm running out of time.


      My issue, is that in AE, I have a 2K project linked from a Premiere Pro project. I needed to track some of the footage in Mocha, but since it's an .R3D file, I decided to export a proxy that's a JPEG sequence, just to track in Mocha. The sequence loads inside of Mocha, and I can scrub through the timeline without any issues. HOWEVER, I can't actually track any of the footage. At all. When I click to create a new X Spline layer, and try to add my points on the footage, nothing happens. A layer is created in the let hand box, but nothing shows on the surface and I can't access the tracking options to track forwards or backwards.


      As I said, the client is expecting the shots very soon, so I need to resolve this and move on to the next shot ASAP!


      Thanks in advance