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    Flash Builder custom code folding


      I've just donwloaded the new CC versions and will possibly be buying the subscription at the end of this month.  I was previously using CS4 versions.

      One thing I noticed though, is that the custom code folding options in the Flash CC actionscript editor are gone, you can now only collapse entire functions.  This remains true for flash builder as well.


      So is there any way to collapse custom regions in flash builder instead of just entire functions?  I'm working on a flash MMO and I've got over 10,000+ lines of code.  Being able to collapse only functions simply doesn't cut it.  It really hinders my development time as I have to scroll through masses of code in order to get to what I need.  It's also much much more confusing looking at thousands of lines of code that I don't need to see at the moment.  Visual studio has a way of defining regions by typing "#region" and "#endregion" in the area you wish to collapse.  Is there anything I can do about this?  This is a very very important feature (at least for me) that I'm not sure why it was left out, or I am unable to find it.