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    iframe breaking cflayout tabs ?

    Bobert Bell

      I am new to CF (old vbscript/asp guy), and am struggling with converting a fieldset based iframe to cflayout tabbed version. I can get all my tabs to work, but when I put in my iframe in the cflayoutarea it breaks it. I am encapsulating a fckeditor in it, and it just posts back to the paret frame of the iframe. All worked fine with fieldset, but these tabs are much better looking, and would love to use them. Here is a code snippet for your eyes.. any ideas appreciated. Not sure this can be done this way, the _target to the iframe inside the cflayout area was spawning another window before it just stopped working.. Hmm..

      Thanks, Bob

      <cflayout type="tab" name="MyTabLayout">
      <cflayoutarea name="workarea" title="Work Area" style="height:100%">
      <!--- <iframe src="" name="sch_iframe" width="420" height="100" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0"> --->

      <cflayoutarea name="tab2" title="Austin Traffic" style="height:100%">
      RSS Feed for Trafic in Austin

      <cflayoutarea name="tab1" title="APL Holidays" style="height:110%">
      <br>APL Holidays and Closure Times<br>
      <cfinclude template="apl_holidays.cfm">

      <cflayoutarea name="tab3" title="Bulletins" style="height:100%">
      APL Bulletin Area ...<br>

      <cflayoutarea name="tab4" title="Calendar" style="height:100%">
      APL Calendar...<br>