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    Overflow:Hidden Doesn't Work With Rounded Corners Once A Shape Is Animated

    neohtom Level 1

      Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I noticed that if I make a shape with rounded corners, and set it to Overflow:Hidden, then embed some other shapes or images within it, it works fine. However, if I animate the parent box, the rounded corners no longer mask the contents, just the overall square/rectangle shape does. Does this have something to do with the Javascript/JQuery being used to handle the animations perhaps?


      The other issue is, once I try to animate the box, and the rounded corners stop masking - if I delete everything from the stage and start over and just create a box with rounded corners, set the Overflow to Hidden, and embed something in it again, the rounded corners still won't mask the contents - even though I hadn't animated the parent box again. I basically need to start over with a new project.


      I've included two sample Edge Animate files illustrating the issue.


      Without animation:




      With animation: