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    Moving a presentation to another computer

    Nealf21 Level 1

      What is the best practice is I need to move a Presenter presentation to another computer.  Both are running the same software (Windows 7, Presenter 9, PowerPoint 10). Do I need to do anything special? 


      When I tried to copy the files, I got a warning that they may not operate correctly where I move them.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          So long as you move both the PPT(X) and the folder with the same name, it should work.


          However Presenter 9 has a feature to Package the presentation, which bundles everything Presenter needs into a single file. The file can then be unpackaged on the other computer. That is the recomended method.



          Presenter Package.jpg



          Presenter Unpackage.jpg