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    Is Photoshop CS6 different from CS5?

    bnies813 Level 1

      I recently went back to school to expand my career skills and the next class in line for me, is Photoshop. I’m trying to find out if I’m OK with CS5 or if I need to upgrade to CS6. As I just mentioned, I currently have CS5. For a couple classes I completed this year (Flash and Dreamweaver), I was able to use CS5 without any issue, limitations, or instances of “Yeah that can be done, but only on CS6.” I also did not have instances in the class lessons of “You can do this, but not if you’re on CS5.” However, from what I heard/read, Photoshop seems to have had the most significant changes in the CS6 update.


      Here are my questions:


      Please, from a technical perspective only, do I need to upgrade to CS6?  Will being on CS5 on my home computer put me at a disadvantage in class when I'm being taught via CS6? Is Photoshop CS6 significantly different from CS5 where if being taught via CS6, I would be lost or very limited on CS5? When you upgraded to CS6 did you feel like you were learning a new program, or was it the same as CS5, just with a few new “nice to have” features?


      Again, please provide information from a technical perspective only. If the decision to spend $2000 for CS6, was based on preference, I would have had CS6 a long time ago. Also, please don’t recommend CC because I’m not ready to upgrade to subscription based software yet.