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    Footnote continuity


      Hello, I have a document with an imported Word file. It crashed constantly, I couldn't even look at the story editor without it locking up. I tried everything I could find to fix the corruption. I exported it out as an IDML and reimporting it, resetting the preferences, etc.


      Nothing worked so assuming that the Word file is just too big and complicated for ID, I cut the one long continuous story into separate chapters. This now seems to be working. But unfortunately now the footnotes are incorrect. They start over for every story/chapter.


      The footnote controls are global and not specific to each story/section so if chapter 1 footnotes end at 345, I have the first footnote in Chapter 2 as 1, not 346. If I use the 'Document Footnote options..' to have it start at 346, it starts the document, not the individual story. Arrrrgh!


      By trying to circumvate the crashing issue I have created yet another issue.  Anyone know of a way to more specifically control the footnotes (I have thousands)? Thanks.  -Derryl