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    Use Pathfinder (intersect) with text and multiple brushes

    dg9ngf Level 1

      I'd like to apply a stamp effect on some text. But that's really complicated. Here's what I did:


      1. Add some text

      2. Convert the text to outlines and ungroup the glyphs, because otherwise it won't affect the text at all

      3. Select a brush from the dirt brushes

      4. Paint a few strokes across the text

      5. Convert the brushes to paths as well

      6. Remove the outer-most path of each brush stroke because they would likely cover everything - only the actual black spots must remain

      7. Group the brushes

      8. Copy the brushes because they will be eaten up every time


      Now repeat the following steps for Every. Single. Glyph.


      9. Move the brushes paths group to the background

      10. Select a glyph and the brushes

      11. Select Pathfinder -> Subtract background

      12. Paste the brushes at the original position (except after the last glyph)


      This is really too much for longer texts.


      How can I apply those intersect effects on whole groups of objects, no matter what they are? There's also a rounded rectangle around my text that I need to handle separately as well. There must be an easier way.


      PS: This is kind of where I got the idea: http://howto.nicubunu.ro/rubber_stamp_inkscape/ A plain brush didn't work well, although I used a tablet, so I tried brushes that already come with such a scattered effect.