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    PE 12 Video Quality - does it have to be so difficult to get good results

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      I downloaded PE11 trial before PE12 was released, which has since expired, but I have been monitoring this forum to see how PE12 is doing.  I am also trying other editors.


      A common problem theme I see here for PE is the video quality.  With auto settings, so many people are posting that the quality is terrible.  There are suggestions on how to improve quality, but they seem to be very intrusive and time consuming, using other apps to 'prepare' media before bringing into PE.  This add lots of time to ones workflow, especially when trying to simply import some assets, and burn a DVD or create a file.


      It just seems to me that it shouldn't have to be that hard.  Many other editors can look into properties of the imported assets and render with fine quality.  Why can't PE be that easy...or am I expecting too much?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          For the moments let us put aside the expectations and reality for DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc. What exactly are your issues with the quality of the export when you export to a file saved to the computer hard drive?


          Could you focus in on what you find intrusive and time consuming with regard to your specific export to file workflow.


          I have not gone back to review your prior threads yet, but I will if necessary. For now, I would like the requested for the here and now to see if I can help.






          Add On...I have Premiere Elements 11 and 12 on Windows 7 and 8.1 64 bit and have no problem with the quality of DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, AVCHD on DVD disc, Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc or any of the other Publish+Share options.

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            I never got far enough with PrE to witness quality problems before my trial ran out.  But I did experience quality encoding issues with Adobe Encore to the point where I had to use another program to do the encoding before bringing in to Encore.


            I am referring more to many posts on this forum where people are disappointed with DVD quality, either from slide shows or video.  Suggestions for resizing stills outside of PrE, project setting for video resolution, making separate projects if video sources are mixed sizes, etc.  I am just reading the posts, so I can't share any personal experiences.  I just know that in other editors I use, I don't see as many problems or forum posts about video quality. 


            There was one post on this board about Windows Movie Maker creating a DVD with much higher quality than PrE with much less effort.  That is kind of what I am referring to in general.  Just wondering if others share the same opinion, and if so is Adobe reading these boards to maybe make some improvements.

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              Thank you for taking the time to expand on your original comments.


              No two situations are alike. And, as I always write, problems with the same symptoms can (often do) have different causes.


              I think that you need to zero in on your specific computer environment and your installation of Premiere Elements in order to make some headway into finding the reason for what you are seeing working in your Premiere Elements in your specific computer environment. Besides settings and the like, there are expectations that may not be consistent with the format resolution and the size of the viewer screen.


              You did not answer my question about your target format. But, from what you wrote, I am assuming that you are addressing yourself to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc and not AVCHD on DVD or Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc. I get good results with any of the three with Premiere Elements in my Windows computer environment.


              But, after weigning all factors, you feel that you want to be heard by Adobe, then I would suggest that you contact Adobe directly or through the Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form



              I do not work for Adobe and am not affiliated with it in any way; consequently, my comments are non promotional and are based on many years of working hands on with the versions on my computer at home and helping others with this type of problem.


              Wishing you success in whatever your decision is on video editing software. If Windows Live Movie Maker works for you, then go with that to as far as its feature set can take you.