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    CF10 on JBoss7 going though IIS7, CF can't find cfm file in the website root.

    Naim.Beg Level 1

      Our currently environment is CF8 running using JRun4 (via the wsconfig tool ) with IIS 6.0 has the webserver. We are trying to migrate our environment to CF10 using JBoss7 as the processing engine with IIS7 as the webserver.


      We have managed to configure the ISAPI Connector so that IIS sends .cfm, requests to JBoss7


      The issue we are running into is that when calling a .cfm file ISAPI Connector, ColdFusion cannot fine the file inside the IIS website root. Yet if the cfm. file resides in the cfusion.war root, then ColdFusion finds the file and processes it.