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    Debug session without compile

    -Hob Level 1
      Is there any way to get Flex Builder to launch a debug session without 1st trying to compile? I'm using Beta 3, but due to some backwards compatibility issues I'm having to do command line compiles using the Beta 2 SDK. I still need to use the debugger, and I can, but every time I try and launch it, FB 1st tries to compile my stuff, and warns me of errors it found before it will actually start up the debug session.

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          sharonma Level 1
          Hi Hob,

          Have you tried to turn off auto-compile?
          - Turn off auto-compile (Project-> Build Automatically)
          - Compile the app separately with your sdk compiler
          - Then try to debug

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            -Hob Level 1
            Yes...that doesn't work. As soon as you try and launch a debug session, the 1st thing FB attempts to do is compile your app...
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              Adobe_Phil Level 1
              One workaround you could use is to point the debug configuration at a different file than the one that is being compiled by the tool. You do that by editing the debug configuration. By default, FB creates a debug configuration that will launch the HTML wrapper it creates for your compiled application. But you can go in and edit it to point at anything. If you make your build script generate a SWF that has a different name than the one being created by FB, you should be able to point the debug config at your renamed SWF and launch it instead of the one that's being auto-compiled when you hit debug.