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    Text labels and outlines in PS images lose resolution in InDesign


      I am attempting to learn how to publish research as an EPUB but when I place my draft from Word into InDesign, the resolution of text and linework in my png or jpeg images from PS loses resolution--gets pretty choppy and illegible while the base image resolution is just fine..  I am used to wrting in Word and adding images and publishing as a PDF from there.  The text and linework of which I am speaking was added using the PS tools--the text is labeling and the linework is outlining added for purposes of clarity.  It looks like i have a raster-vector problem?  What's going on here and what should I be doing so the images will work in InDesign without having to try to add 60 labels in Indesign (which would be a textframe nightmare) and so I don't have to draw several versions of the same image for use in various applications?