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    CS5: Diffuse Glow appears 'inverted'


      When I open the Diffuse Glow filter, it appears as if inverted, or negative. What I expect to be a light halo effect shows up as a dark glow. How can I reset this filter to show the normal 'light' halo effect?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Layer styles > outer glow (or inner glow - you didn't say what you expected)

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            MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Change your background color to a lighter color, then diffuse glow. Your backgorund color affects this filter.

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              rachmanin Level 1


              Thanks for your answers guys. I'm not sure we are on the same wavelength here. The above screen cap shows the filter in use and the undesired effect it is giving me. What is showing as black here should be white and glowing diffusely white through the window and (open) roof areas. Last time I used this filter it was working just great, but currently it is giving me the opposite effect to the one I desire. I tried your suggestion of layer styles > inner/outer glow but made no difference to the darkness of the diffuse glow filter. Anyway, I had never used this path before to get the desired effect and I should be able to reach it as did previously simply via Duplicate Layer>Filters>Distort>Diffuse glow. Any more ideas how to reset this filter to get the intended light glow effect please?

              Many thanks

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                rachmanin Level 1

                Hi Mike - you held the key to the solution though it has taken me until now to realise it fully! I happened to spot a related post in the side-panel and that reply showed me the way, I am pleased to say I now have my desired effect back, as attached.

                Thanks again.2013-11-20_134327.jpg