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      I need serious help in editing an already complete picture/locked layer........and no one has been using the "history log" for as many years as our program has been created so I can not just erase to the previous saved image. I'm needing to remove bubbles/text. please...someone....help! WITHOUT USING CLONE STAMP BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Upload the image at full res.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            That text doesn't say something like "COPYRIGHT" or "Property Of..." does it?  No one is going to help you paint that out of an image.


            By the way, using caps and adding more PPPPPPPPPs to the subject doesn't usually excite the regulars here.    But posting a legitimate photo, as Trevor has suggested, with a challenging edit request sometimes gets people editing, often with amazing results.



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              BeauEtoile Level 1

              I actually can't upload a picture because it is a campus safety classified project and it is not a copyright or anything of the nature. It's like a green or purple dot with the classroom number and title of what the room/office is. It's for surviellance/swat teams.