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    Need to create a 'gradient mask' using a b&w photo image.

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      I have not created a document yet and would like some thought on how to do this: I want to use a continuous tone black and white image which is somewhat close to what would be a 'knockout' but with soft edges - so it gradates appropriately over the background image I want to use, making the black part of the image used as the mask become much of the effect of a gradient mask: the background image shows through whereever there is the 'black' and 'tone' of the image. I hope this makes sense.


      my first thought is to create a layer mask and then paste the black and white image onto that, but I'm not sure if that will work to accept the 'soft tones' of the image and work appropriately.


      Has anyone had experience with this type of thing that they can share what steps I should take to make this effect work?