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    Dreamweaver Links


      About half the time I have to go to the source code to enter a link in Dreamweaver CC.  It will not take them in the options panel.  If I go to source, rool around a bit, then come back to design it will take a lin k properly.  This is a consistent problem'

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          Romsinha Adobe Employee

          Moving to Dreamweaver forum.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            • Which ver & build # of DW?
            • Which operating system?
            • Does this problem occur in all pages?  If you create a new, blank HTML page can you insert a link normally?
            • Does this problem occur in all Sites?
            • Do you use any 3rd party Extensions in DW?  Have you tried disabling them?




            Nancy O.

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              billkilborn Level 1

              Dreamweaver CC - latest.  Win 8.1 - did the same with 8 and 7.  All

              pages and sites old or new.  Do use some extensions but it did the same

              before they were installed.  Most of the time you enter a link and click

              on something else like target or click enter and the link you just

              entered goes away.  I can go to the source code immediaely after

              entering a link in design view and it's not there.  I can also go to the

              source code and click on anything then return to the design page and

              insert a link normally - very strange.  This is so annoying I usually

              just go to the source code and enter the links there but I shouldn't

              have to do that.



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                vharis Level 4

                @ billkilborn : Just noticed that you need to select / highlight that part of the text which you want to make a link .


                1. Highlight the part of text which ou want to be a link
                2. Go to the Properties Inspector(Window>Properties)
                3. Add the link / target
                4. See them added in Code


                Hope this helps

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                  billkilborn Level 1

                  1 - Of course I do that, no other way to do it in design view.

                  2 - Of course, obvious.

                  3 - Link can be added but will not stay once you leave the link box.

                  4 - Does not show in code most of the time once this is done.


                  Only does this in CC.


                  Note that I said MOST of the time it does not work the way it should. 

                  If you go to code first then back to design it USUALLY works. This is

                  very strange.


                  I've been using Dreamweaver since v2.  Been working on websites for

                  approx. 17 years.  Not a novice at this.



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                    Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Don't take it personally, there is nothing in your original post that points to your experience level with the program. Part of figuring out problems is verifying the basics, hence the  "is it plugged in" style starting point.


                    Have you tried clearing the program cache file/config folder yet?


                    A corrupt program cache can cause all kinds of issues, clearing it will get rid of many of them...



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                      billkilborn Level 1

                      No offense taken.  I just thought it better to get it out in the open so

                      others don't waste time with "is it plugged in?"


                      I did remove the cache file and when Dreamweaver recreated it, it was

                      the exact same size do don't know yet what will happen.  I've got a

                      bunch of work to do this afternoon and tomorrow, a lot of it in

                      Dreamweaver, so will let you know.  With some of the other problems with

                      CC I'm tempted to go back to DW CS6 ! !





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                        billkilborn Level 1

                        Followup today:


                        Had to put in 3 links in a site I do regular maintenance on and the

                        problem still persists after cleaning the cache as recommended.  You can

                        use the link icon and wizard to add links, add them in code view but

                        cannot in the options panel of design view.  This is not a consistent

                        problem but happens often.  If I come back to design view after working

                        a bit in code view the options panel method works fine.  This is very



                        I am finding lots of little nagging problems like this in CC.  Another

                        one I consistently have is I can highlight some text and try to choose a

                        CSS class in the options panel and it does not work.  It will work if I

                        right click on the highlighted text and choose CSS styles.  I can go

                        back to CS6 and everything works fine.  Dreamweaver CC is buggy, buggy,

                        buggy but other CC products I use are fine.  I'm a very regular user of

                        Photoshop and Illustrator in addition to Dreamweaver.



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                          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I'm definitely not seeing the same behavior in mine (version 13.1 Build 6443) on Windows 7 or Windows 8 (no 8.1 update).


                          Maybe it was a bad install?


                          You might try uninstalling, running the cleaner tool and reinstalling/reupdating to see if that takes care of the weirdness.


                          Cleaner Tool: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-cleaner-tool-installation-problems.html

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                            billkilborn Level 1

                            Thanks,  I may have to do that but no time right now.  Things will slow

                            down a bit after Thanksgiving till mid-January and I'll have some time

                            to play and experiment then.