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      I have a html page in which two movies are embedded "a.swf" and "b.swf".
      "a.swf" sends a value to "b.swf" using local connection class.
      I have opened two tabs in IE7 and in each tab I have opened this html page.
      now in the second tab, when i send value from "a.swf", it updates "b.swf" of first tab instead of updating "b.swf" of second tab.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          are you using different names for your localconnections in the two tabs? if not, that's expected behavior.

          if you want to open a 2nd localconnection, define a 2nd one with a different name. (you can use the sharedobject to communicate the new name to the most recently opened sending localconnection swf.)
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            Thanks for the help.

            Can u give me an idea about how to use shared object to accomplish this task.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              your sending swf needs to create something unique (that will be used in the name of your localconnection) each time your html page loads. your receiving swf will need to know that name.

              you'll use the sharedobject to have your sending swf store that unique part and incorporate that unique part in the sending localconnection. your receiving swf will access that sharedobject and use that data to open the appropriate receiving localconnection.

              the date object's getTime() method would work as the data to store in your shared object and to incorporate into the name of your localconnection.