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    Hey Guys! Can you help me build a 4K editing workstation??


      Hey guys!


      I am planning to buy a video editing/VFX workstation computer this holiday season, but I have no idea where to start! I am shooting for something that can handle 4K videos with absolutely no problem and will last me a good while without getting outdated. I would love if all the render times were lighting quick, and overall the computer just ran like a beast!


      I work with RED cameras, the BMCC and DSLR's so (especially with the RED and BMCC) I need something quick and POWERFUL!


      I plan on only spending up to $3500 but nothing more. I have gotten a friend to put a lost together and a worker at NewEgg, but I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions and/or changes to their lists.

      The NewEgg employee didn't add a monitor, keyboard or mouse which I will need, and I need the monitor to be good for color grading.


      Some programs I use are Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Davinci Resolve (which all run SUPER slow on my Macbook, since I guess I don't have a good GPU or Graphics Card I'm guessing).


      This is my friends list (the newegg guy said that it was a great build, however more intended towards gaming, which wouldn't be right for me.):




      This is the Newegg Emploee's list:





      Thank you guys SOOOO much in advanced! I look forward to your responses.