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    Using Photoshop CS 5 on Bootcamp


      I have Photoshop CS5 installed on my OSX. I'm planning to install windows 7 via bootcamp.  I read a long time ago there was a way I can get a windows key for my same program for a reduced price?  Or am I mistaken? I can't remember where I read it. I think it was burried in a forum somewhere and not among the top posts.  I don't know what validity it had.


      That said, do I have to buy a whole another copy to use on the windows partition?  I hope not. It would be nice to be able to run photoshop on both partitions without too much extra cost. But if it costs a whole new copy of photoshop I'll have to accept having to reboot my computer between using photoshop and the windows programs I am editing for.


      I had to edit this. Parallels is something I really want to use. I keep getting those mixed up.  Right now the cost is out of my budget, but parallels is another alternative I am hoping for in the long run and saving up for. I'm thinking of getting it in a few months.  I still wish there can be a more streamlined way I can transfer graphic files between both partitions without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

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          BugFolk Level 1

          No answers, anyone? I'm losing faith in the community here.

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            Curt Y Level 7

            If your mac software runs fine on the mac why would you want to run it on Windows via Bootcamp?  It is bound to be slower.


            Licensed version are OS dependant, and Bootcamp is meant to run Windows OS programs natively.  So don't think it would work.  But not a mac person so may be wrong.


            If you get a subscripton version it will work on either OS.

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              BugFolk Level 1

              Thanks. It was just the convenience factor. Boot up on mac side edit texture, save on stick drive, boot up on pc side, test texture. Shut down. Boot up mac, edit texture.  Shut down and boot up windows to test again. Add, rinse, repeat.  But that would be mostly recreational use. (editing computer game textures for personal and small community use.) In all fairness I could probably get by with a much cheaper program, perhaps elements.  But it takes having to learn them. I'm familiar with my CS5.


              For my photo editing and all serious work, I have no problems using the mac side. And true I used pc versions of really old photoshop versions (7).  And yes I got more errors on the PC version than I did on the college computers which were macs.  That was long ago. I'm no longer a student. I have a licensed version of CS5 that I had paid for about 3 years ago from saving up.